May 28, 2018
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June 1, 2018
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HOUSE AND LAND BLESSINGS AND CLEARINGS (includes a psychic reading)

USD $109


Psychic Entity Clearing and House Blessings

Souls can become lost and stuck, and may cry out for help in different ways. Much like people, those in Spirit can disguise themselves as something that they are not, and may be trouble makers.

Energy itself can clump into a heavy and dense state, and from that even create an entity of its own.

Things that have happened can leave the residue of energy in a house or building or even outdoors.

If you are experiencing strange happenings within your environment, or you do not feel well when in a certain place,  then it may well be that you have company (of the Spiritual nature).

Debs has been blessed as a psychic energy reader of higher Spiritual discernment, which means that she can identify frequencies and energies that many other psychics cannot.

This service also includes a full psychic reading for the client, providing Spiritual awareness and protection.


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