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I found that I have a gift of feeling emotions of others, but what makes this unique is that I can peel back subconscious layers and help clients better understand where certain traumas and experiences have impacted their lives. I also can discern if the emotion is from the past or present, There is absolutely no judgement from me, and I remain open and guided intuitively, without influence of information from any source other than your own energy and blueprint.

The beauty of this means that while we are open, and I feel it, we together through a mutual connection to higher Spiritual healing and knowledge, can integrate this energy to assist you. I simply act as the conduit between you and Spirit. It's perfectly safe, and authentic. You will know this by the way that you feel, and validation byway of accurate information that comes through.
My readings begin simply by tuning into you, and seeing your aura and energy field. This connection is very important because as you open up, I connect in with you on all levels, acting as a transmitter and transmute the energy between you and your Soul. Your very own energy will identify very relevant issues and information, and also any relevant soul energies of others will also appear in order for me to read and give insight in relation to them.

Often people will have a reading thinking that they are expecting one thing and then by the end of the reading we have covered things, in avast and profound manner,things that may have been locked deep in your subconscious and that need healing.
"We heal when we are ready to, the subconcious will open up when it is time to. It is often when we are at the end of our tether that this happens".
We each have our own individual blue print or Spiritual coding. This coding forms the basis of who we are, and remains constant throughout our lifetimes. The conditioning and influences we incur in our lives does not alter this code,as this code is Soul based and is a direct link to Source, Great Spirit. God or One Consciousness. It is through my coding and yours that I connect with you for your readings. We each emit a frequency, and once our codes connect we co-create a new frequency which the attract in the energies of those in Spirit and the higher Spiritual Realms (including angelic realms), to bring forth the relevant information for your reading.

I refer to my readings as Spirit driven,this is because we bring through relevant information, and it is often information that you in your present awareness do not realise that you need. I am a pure channel to bring this information through to you, so it is done free of judgement, and protected in the highest of light, and is fully confidential
I have the ability to access through and into a vast spectrum of realms and energies. I am a Specialist Psychic Energy reader, and a PURE INTUITIVE. This means the readings are delivered with high accuracy and are very concentrated". (Meaning that you get a lot more specific and defined information through in a shorter amount of time).

This also means that the information given is purely interpreted from your Soul and blue print,and is not tainted or altered by way of"Spiritual Rules" and "New Age fads" telling you what you should do. All guidance offered is of pure and honest essence.

The ability to see, feel and interpret energy, then read further from that energy provides great insight into your path, your lessons, and gives a heightened awareness and clarity to empower you in your life.
I have discovered that I have developed an affinity to tune into and see inflammation and illness in the human body.

In simple terms I will tune in to your energy field then I will be given a visual of your anatomy. If there is is an organ, tissue, nerve, blood etc hat needs attention, a visual picture will literally jump out at me and in that I will be given information about it. The main thing is your life force energy, If this is strong then I know that healing can happen. If it is not strong then we must go deeper to see who is stealing your energy. (this is more than likely on a subconscious level).

Through time, space and evolution itself we are all connected. Separateness comes from learned information. Knowledge based upon the limitations and knowledge passed from one to another in an unconscious and unquestioning manner. Oneness comes questioning everything and from unlearning such unconscious knowledge to seek the truth and remembering who we are,why we exist. The bigger plan and picture as it were.

Humans have however become stuck in time, and seek guidance from Spirit in order to release what is not needed, so that they can move in a more fluid manner and become more open to evolving and healing.

I have mentioned that I live simultaneously in both realities, the human spectrum and the spiritual spectrum. I know what it takes to become lost and I know what it takes to find your way back to the light.I have been blessed to have Spirit in my life, and their wise guidance teaching me howto implement solutions,personal growth and healing through energy and higher knowledge.This experience is invaluable as I relate fully to the struggle of humanity as well as the Spiritual light that is within every one of us.
Your Aura not only shows me various colours and frequencies and also your chakras, it also gives me timelines, specific events that have influenced you, areas of your life that need healing. Energetic Cords and spiritual frequences attach you to these events,and then branch out to other events, other peoples energies, both in the physical and those who have crossed over to the other side.

Your subconscious releases valid information to me, so that you may release blocks that hold you back,and find forgiveness of the self and others in order to move forward.

It's a wonderful way to heal, as validation of personal feelings are embraced in the energetic Spiritual bond created between myself, you the client and Spirit. There is no better way to heal than to know that you are recognized by the Spiritual Realms as a significant being.