"Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. Relevant and key information that can be incorporated into the clients life. This connection is made very quickly and once in place , we are also connected in Spiritually, and the healings and readings flow from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what Spirit shows me, they have tested me many, many times, in order for me to become very fine tuned".

Deb Sinclair


Emotional Empaths are known for sensing and feeling the emotions of others. They will see through any façade or front that another person may be putting up to hide how they are really feeling. Unlike other empathic or highly sensitive people, emotional Empaths actually experience the emotions that other people are feeling.

This is super useful when conducting a reading and/or healing.

Debs clients often say she reads as though she is living their experience.
Claircognizant Empaths can see past body language, facial expressions and words to understand another person’s deep secrets. They can sense a person’s actual intentions, regardless of what that person is saying. Their ability is referred to as “clear knowing.” Related to clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairvoyance (clear seeing).

Moving further into this, Debs can also see what drives the perosn behaviour so that the client can get a clear undersatnding of what is actually happening.
Spiritual Empaths have wisdom about another person’s connection to the divine. They understand deeply the relationship other people have to a higher power.

Debs does this all through pure energy recognition. Many people claim to be, or beleive thay are connected to certin beings, the divine, and angels. The thing is we ALL are already connected in with them, however it is thorugh the dmesnional energy that resides within each of us that determines the clarity of the connection. (Please see my the link on this page to my article on 5 Star Psychic Checklist)
Medium Empaths have an established connection with the supernatural world. They can connect with the spirits of the deceased. These Empaths can experience the feelings, thoughts, or mental impressions of spiritual beings.

**Important note, anyone can see beings or impressions, however it is the ENERGY that they omit that tells us the truth of them, Anyone living or passed over can disguise themselves, so unless a person is trly proficient in energy recognition, I would advise not taking it on baord. Ask your healer/reader for validation, specifics in relation to this.
Molecular Empaths experience others at the molecular level, which gives them a deep understanding of a person’s essence. This ability is helpful for healing and teaching.

Please see Debs Medical Intuitive Readings to learn more about this.
Telepathic Empaths are often considered “mind readers” since they can experience another person’s unexpressed thoughts.

Client revew example:

When I first spoke to Debs she predicted a conversation would happen between 3people involving the daughter of one that would help change his perspective . Didn't think it would happen but it happened last night and Debs was accurate. I was blown away by the conversation bc I really felt there was no way he would second guess anything he said but he apologized & it seems that he is changing a certain aspect of his behavior just like Debs predicted!
Psychometric Empaths recognize the energy in inanimate objects including clothing, photographs, keepsakes, and jewelry. This is useful to help the reader connect with the client and if it is an object that belonged to someone who has passed over, it can help estabish the energetic connection.
Crystal Empaths feel a powerful connection to crystals and use these for information, inspiration, and spiritual exploration.

Crystals can be amazing when attuned to a clients energy. Learn more by reading my article on cyrstals,

Academic intelligence

Inutitive intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Psychic intelligence

Energetic Intelligence...

All of these show in your energetic field, so we explore yours and others if relevevant.
Medical empaths feel the physical pain that another person is experiencing. The stress, aches, and sensations from someone else’s body can manifest in the medical empath. Medical empaths also have the innate ability to understand how to heal, which is why you find many of these empaths working as doctors, nurses, and therapists.
When we have trauma, and we squash our emotions down, or we are not allowed self expresson, we can lose part of our soul in the ethers, Debs can identify this, and we work together with Spirit in the path to returning to wholeness.
A lot of healing as an adult has to do with our childhood experiences, and these experiences saty locked and hidden in our subconcious. There is more often than not an abandoned inner child waiting to be found, and this aspect can come up in healing sessions.

"Validation and recognition of the inner child is as important as validation of the adult".
Seeing, feeling, knowing, uncovering wht lies beneath, beyound, and inside of any energetic situation.
To see an Aura is very spectacular. Debs can see the colours, and also from the aura, she can see your connections to others, your life path, your health, and much more.
Chakra clearing, healing, balancing,attuning are all parts of the healing process.
Debs sees your connections both good and not so good with others in this life, and the other side. These connections are valuable when determning what is happening in the now and why.
"I explain to the client the energy that I am seeing, in them, and around them, and the energetic connections that both bind them and that can free them. I describe emotion behind the energy, the connections to others, then we explore more deeply the reactions and dynamics of your life path. This is very powerful to help the client identify patterns, and in a non judgemental manner we discover solutions, all of this is driven by our energetic connection with Spirit."

Deb Sinclair Psychic Medium Coach & Master Intuitive