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April 25, 2016
Deb Sinclair-Best Psychic Directory NZ and Australia and USA
May 1, 2016


Debs is a talented and prolific psychic- medium and clairvoyant

"I place great importance on the truth and providing a quality service for my clients".

Evelyn J

“Debs is an honest and accurate reader. I have utilised her service to help steer me through some challenges. Her foresight and insight has proven accurate. She has a practical approach. She communicates clearly. I value, appreciate and recommend Debs’ skills”  

Joanne W

“Her gift is phenomenal! It was through her positive and honest insight that helped me through several issues. I have no doubt whatsoever as to her wonderful God given gift and wish her the best that life brings to her. And a very kind individual which is rare in today’s world to find”.      

“My Grandmother came through in her reading! I had tried other readers and she was the only one who could do this. If my Grandma comes to Debs then that is a reference in itself”  

Lois M

I have had many readings over the years and this is the most accurate by far. Totally accurate to be precise

Michelle Crane

I would just like to say thank you to Deb’s for a wonderful accurate reading. I was blown away by what Deb had to say and could not believe how true and accurate she is. If you want an honest, true and very accurate reading, look no further. Deb’s you are remarkable. Thank you for your guidance and understanding. God Bless you and the work you do.

Nita B

I have had several readings with Debbie over the past two years about my relationship and Wow…..every reading Debbie blows me away with her accuracy and hits the nail on the head every time! Debbie is truly gifted and caring. I highly recommend Debbie.Thank you.

Debbie J

"What a fantastic ability Debs possesses!  She uncovered things that I had not even considered. Thank you so, so much for a wonderful reading xox"

Matthew M

"No time wasting.  I definitely recommend this reader; it’s great to find someone of this caliber. Very Spiritual yet very grounded too".

Helen G

"On point and exact. What stood out for me was Debs ability to discern between practical things that were required, rather than go off on a tangent about rituals, or the latest Spiritual trends. So refreshing to have a reader that is independent of these things.   I felt as though she understood me. It proved to me that Spirit are really there working with her".

"One of the best  psychic and clairvoyant readings I have had. It takes a gifted person to be able to read the truth so clearly.  I enjoyed the very down to earth nature of the reading.  I really appreciate all of the insight and guidance, everything made such sense"!

Rachel B

Thank you for the best and most insightful  psychic reading I have experienced.  You are truly intuitive, and so easy to talk to. I will be in touch!

Rose H

"Would clearly be one of NZ's Best Psychic Readers.  Debs level of intuitive knowing and the intricate detailing of things she could not possibly know, are certainly mind-blowing!"

Gwen B

"I would just like to start this testimonial by thanking Debra Sinclair. I have never met Debra, but the things she came up with about the loss of my darling husband were amazing"  .... read more here...

Brittany J

I had a Chakra Balance and Spiritual energy healing with Debs, and recommend this to anybody. I arrived confused and disillusioned about my life and where it was heading, and left feeling lighter, with a new perspective on things.  I will definitely be returning again.  I am sincerely thankful and grateful for the time well spent.

Roseanne D

"I appreciated the level if insight that I was given through Debs intuitive ability.  She saw things that no one could possibly know, right down to the finer details of the way I was feeling, which was good for me, as people don't usually "get me".   She also confirmed many other things that were presently happening".

Ely Rodrigous

"Being a skeptical scientist I was totally amazed at how accurate you were Debs. on Sunday the 5th Feb 2017 you said my contract would be extended for a bit and today the 8th Feb 2017 my boss told me hes extending it till April. You described the "other" problem down to a tee. will definitely be coming to you for more treatment/etc".

I saw Debs in person, she was amazing!  She is so relaxed and put me at ease.  Her ability is incredible, she described people in the Spirit World, she even knew my father drank burbon because she could taste it, and that my mother tended to wear way too much perfume because she smelt it (that's how Mum came through first, before showing herself visually).  Such a grounded and down to earth person, no judgement, and her insight into my emotional being was spot on.  She even looked at my Aura and could read from that.   Definitely recommend this reader to all.  

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